October 11, 2009

Nutty banana halwa

My mom is a wonderful cook.Even if she makes a simple chammanthi it tastes out of the world. And she loves to try out new recipes. You can always see her sitting in from of the TV watching Khana kazana.Always with a pen and book in her hand! And she tries out everything! And it came out so well. Even now when I call her she will say" inn putiya dish undaki"(Made a new dish today).
But if I ask for her the recipie.the problem begins. She will say add a little of this and a little of that. Never will she give me a proper measurement! She says she doesn’t know she just adds and tastes it if something is missing she will add a little more!
After seeing Sangeetha's banana halwa, it took me back to the old days and I just had to make it my mom's style and thank God she gave me the complete recipe for this.


• 2- Ripe Plantain

• 1 cup- finely crushed cashew nuts

• 1 cup whole milk

• 1 cup sugar

• ½ tsp cardamom powder

• ½ cup Ghee

• Few cashews for garnishing.


• Cut Plantains into 3-4 pieces and boil till cooked well.

• Remove the skin and halve the plantains and remove the black seeds in the center

• Mash the banana well.

• Mix the cashew with the mashed banana and mix well.

• In a heavy bottom pan add milk. Add sugar to milk and boil. Let the sugar dissolve completely.

• Then add mashed banana nut mixture, cook till all the milk is used up. Add cardamom powder and mix in.

• Then add ghee little by little and cook till halwa is leaving the sides of the pan and has browned in color.

• Grease the plate with ghee and spread the banana halwa on the plate.

• Cut into desired shape and decorate with cashew nut. Serve when cool.

Sending this to Sireesha's "Sweet series" event and sanghi's event "FIL-Ghee"

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