February 10, 2011

Naadan chicken fry ~ Kerala style


It has been so long since I turned this way. Life has been busy with the new baby and moving and all things like that. Hopefully I am getting back to the normal routines and will be able to blog more often. Thank you for all your kind support.
This is a recipe that I found in a magazine that my mom sent me. It was a big hit in my family from the first time I made it. for a helathier version you can omit the last part of frying with coconut oil, but it tastes so wonderful when you fry it.

1. Chicken                 1 kg, cleaned and cut into small pieces

2. Coriander powder           3 tablespoon

   Turmeric powder                 1 teaspoon

   Garam masala powder         1 teaspoon

   Chilly powder                      1 teaspoon

   Pepper Powder                  1 ½ teaspoon

   Ginger-Garlic paste              1 teaspoon

   Curry leaves                         1 handful

3. Coconut oil                           3 tablespoon

    Green chilly                          2 , slit (optional)


• Marinate the chicken pieces with at he ingredients under 2 for half an hour or more.

• Heat a saucepan, add chicken along with enough water; cover and cook until the meat is tender. Open the lid, and increase the flame and dry up the water to coat the chicken with masala.
  • If you dont want to fry it in coconut oil just continue sautéing till it gets a brown color. 
• In another Pan, Heat the coconut oil, add the chicken pieces and sauté till you get the golden brown color.

Serve with rotti’s and biryani

Source: Pachakam magazine