March 9, 2010

I am back..with a happy news!!

Hi every body,

Sorry for the sudden disappearance and leaving all my friends in the dark for so long. And thank you all for your concerns about me. I was really happy to know that I am liked in the blogging community.

So now the reasons for my magical act….We are expecting our second child!! We are really excited! My son just can’t stop saying “mommy, vytiil baby” after seeing the ultra sound image. Every day he will lift my shirt and give a kiss on my tummy and say hi baby!! Just praying he has the same feeling when he baby is actually here.

I am in my 13th week now. My first trimester was really bad with nausea and head aches. The sight, smell, thought of food would make me run to the restroom. Tired like hell allthe time. But with the help of my hubby dearest I made it thru. That’s the reason I couldn’t be active in blogging.
I am really excited to share this news with u. I know I have a lot to catch up on and am really excited to c what’s cooking in ur kitchen.

Please include me in your prayers.


Saju Sharfu